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NB Premier to meet governors in Washington [CP]


Travel deficit widens on US travel [QMI]


Not-at-par toll rates at Windsor-Detroit border crossings unfair, MPs say [Windsor Star]

Nasty tainted US chicken stopped at Canadian border [Cornwall Free News]

No to visas [WPTZ - NY]

Perimeter security deal raises privacy and sovereignty issues for Canadians: ex-envoy Wilson [CP]

Charging Canadians to fly to America [The Economist]

Western begins research on commercial border traffic [The Western Front]

Drummondville losing customs office, three others to have shortened hours [The Gazette]

Paying for the ‘privilege’ of visiting the US [Carman Valley Leader - Manitoba]


Report sensationalizes truckers cross-border HOS record? [Today's Trucking]


Bountiful, BC dads smuggled daughters, 12 into US to marry accused pedophile [Vancouver Sun]

Pre-teen girls were brought from Canada for marriage to Jeffs, court records allege [San Angelo Times - Texas]

Canadian charged with smuggling cocaine [The Boundary Sentinel - BC]

Victim relieved murder suspect in custody [CBC]



Star Wars coming back by stealth [Star Phoenix]

NORAD, Northern Command cutting 79 positions [AP]

Newfoundlander wins NORAD award [The Western Star]


Canadian family fights to move baby on life support into the US [CNN]


N. America would be hit by$125 oil, experts say [QMI]

US must build on its oil ties with Canada: AFL-CIO, API [Bellingham Herald]

Imperial Oil will shrink stranded megaloads for transport on interstates to Canada’s oil sands [The Oregonian]

Montanans stand up to the mega-loads [Grist]

NRDC report raises concerns about pipeline safety [Jacksonville Daily Progress]

Alberta offers US a safe haven in world of uncertain oil supply [National Post]

Bitumen new king of oilsands box [Calgary Herald]

In the oil patch, Alberta hopes to ride the next wave of prosperity [Globe and Mail]


Arctic security more than sovereignty []

Inuit leaders to draft resource guidelines [CBC]

Arctic open for biz, say Inuit [Toronto Sun]

Inuit leaders develop guidelines for future development of the Arctic [Globe and Mail]

Murkowski urges action to boost oil production [Deseret News - Utah]

Murkowski: ANWR drilling back on table [Alaska Public Radio]


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Napolitano on the myth of 32 miles

February 9, 2011
By Luiza Ch. Savage

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano was asked at a congressional hearing this morning about the recent US government report that DHS has “operational control” over only 32 miles of the Canada-US border.

Congresswoman Candice Miller, a Republican from Michigan who chairs the subcommittee on border security, said in the course of her comments that, “We were very concerned about what the GAO [report] said about essentially no operational control, for all practical purposes, along the northern border.”

In her response, Napolitano emphasized that “operation control” is a “term of art.”

“I’ll be brief, Mr. Chairman.  And first of all, again, on the GAO report, we’re — I encourage the committee — the term “operational control” is a very narrow term of art, and it does not reflect the infrastructure and technology and all the other things that happen at the border.  And so it should not be used as a substitute for an overall border strategy.”

Napolitano went on to say:

“One of the most significant things that has happened in the last month, quite frankly, or even in the last year, was Prime Minister Harper and President Obama signing the shared security strategy, border strategy between our two countries.  It is our number one trading partner.  Canada is now beginning to do or conducting some of the same kinds of things around its perimeter that we used to be concerned about coming across inland on the border.  We will be working more in light of this shared vision statement on an integrated northern border strategy.  Indeed, we have prepared one.  It is in review right now at the OMB because, as you recognize, Representative, borders are — they’re law enforcement jurisdictions and you’ve got to protect the borders from that regard, but they are also huge trade jurisdictions, and you’ve got to be able to move the legitimate trade and commerce.”

“We are very much in favor of looking at ways to preclear certain things before they — cargo, for example — before it gets to the border so that we can relieve the pressure on the line, and the echnology for being able to do that kind of thing gets better all the time.  And so that’s one of the things we’ll be, I’m sure, working on and implementing over the coming months and years.”


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