Green groups: State’s Dept. review of Keystone XL ‘inadequate’

April 15, 2011

The Natural Resources Defense Council expressed disappointment with the new Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement issued by the US State Department on Keystone XL.

Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, International Program director for Natural Resources Defense Council, said in a statement:

“This environmental review for the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is as inadequate as their first go-round, with the State Department merely paying lip service to critical issues such as pipeline safety, the routing over the Ogallala Aquifer, and environmental justice around refineries.

The public deserves an in-depth review of these issues. NRDC and partner organizations have sent a series of letters to the State Department specifically asking that these issues be addressed. These requests have been echoed by letters from Nebraska Senators and other members of Congress, mayors, farmers, landowners, and others. Apparently, they did not get the message.

“If this round of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline environmental review is as superficial as it seems, the State Department will need to go back to the drawing board – perhaps the third time will be a charm and they will get it right.”

Full statement is here.

Alex Moore, Dirty Fuels Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, had the following statement:

“The State Department’s first draft environmental analysis was so inadequate that it had no place to go but up in its second attempt. Unfortunately, the American public is still not getting a complete picture of the many serious dangers that this mega-pipeline would pose.

“On first reading, we are concerned that the State Department has still not done a serious and thorough analysis of significant dangers, including the safety of tar sands oil pipelines and the pollution caused by tar sands oil production.

“The State Department has taken an important step in categorically stating that tar sands oil has far higher greenhouse gas emissions than do other forms of oil used in the U.S.—this finding alone should lead the State Department to reject the permit for this pipeline.

“We are disturbed to see that the State Department is neither giving enough time for public comments nor has it scheduled any public hearings. This is not in line with President Obama’s commitments to transparent and accountable government. The American people have a right to speak out about this risky dirty oil project.

Full release here.

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