State Dept. “taking into consideration” letter from 34 lawmakers against Keystone XL pipeline

June 2, 2011

At today’s State Dept. press briefing, the spokesman was asked about  a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and  EPA administrator Lisa Jackson from 34 lawmakers that calls the State Dept.’s Supplemental Impact Statement analyzing the proposed pipeline “inadequate.” The lawmakers ask for more scrutiny of: the lifetime greenhouse gas emissions of the oil sands; the need for the additional oil in the US; alternate routes for the pipeline; spill impacts; and ask for additional hearings.

Here was question and answering according to the State Dept. press office:

Question: Have we received a letter from 34 members of Congress regarding the Keystone XL pipeline? What is our comment on their environmental impact concerns?

Answer: Yes, the State Department received the letter, and we will take their concerns into consideration as we continue our environmental review of the project.


Not exactly sure what that means.


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