Cdn and US Chambers of Commerce submit proposals on perimeter security

June 3, 2011

The Canadian and US Chambers of Commerce have submitted a joint proposal to the government’s Beyond the Border Working Group that is preparing a perimeter security action plan for the Harper government.

Their proposals include centralized border oversight:

  1. Create a temporary cabinet-level subcommittee to provide centralized oversight and to review border operations across various government departments.
  2. Increase border-related metrics to identify existing border policies and limitations so as to increase border efficiency.
  3. Undertake a review of border processes with the goal of removing redundancies where possible.

The two Chambers also make suggestions for improving and harmonized the “trusted shipper” and “trusted traveler” vetting programs. They urge pre-clearance for freight traveling by train and truck. And they urge Canada to move on reforming intellectual property laws.


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