LINKS July 7, 2011


Ottawa-Washington low-key on border talks [Vancouver Sun]

Stepped-up border security has effect on tourism [Watertown Daily Times]

Bridge fight rages, but there’s no doubt a new span is needed [Detroit Free Press]

Time to end Ambassador Bridge monopoly [Detroit News]

Why do we pay more at the border? [Windsor Star]

No truth to anti-Canadian behaviour: Minot officials [Brandon Sun]

Letter: Open more gates at the border [Sault Star]

US-Mexico sign border trucking agreement [AP]

State’s farmers celebrate end of trucking feud [Tri-City Herald]


US House and Senate panels take up three trade bills [AP]

US trade deal faces first obstacles in Congress [Reuters]

Obama to push for wider deal with GOP on deficit [NY Times]


US tests new approach to terrorism cases on Somali suspect [NY Times]

Canada transfers command in Kandahar to US [Globe and Mail]

Canada ends combat operations in Afghanistan [AP]

Afghan war was a waste of Canadian lives [The Record]

Libyan rebels say they lack weapons and NATO support [BBC]


Cutting greenhouse gases will cost Quebecers, minister says [CP]

Cap-and-trade system set to go [The Gazette - Montreal]

Canada’s reputation tied to oil sands, says retired industry boss [Calgary Herald]

Canadian oil is boosting Midwest economy, but at what cost? [WBEZ - Chicago]

Jobs in the pipeline [Wall Street Journal]

Braid: Oil sands need monitoring, not centralization fiasco [Calgary Herald]

Collaboration seen as key to oil sands success [Calgary Herald]

Local resistance threatens Alberta pipeline project [New Zealand Herald]

Letter: Don’t overlook Canada as good source for oil [Missourian]

Alberta slams EU fuel-quality proposal [Petroleum Economist]

Consequences if Indian Point closes [NY Times]



LINKS July 7, 2011


Resolve border matter [Watertown Daily Times - NY]

Border action plan [Windsor Star]

Body bombs added to America’s air security concerns [NY Times]

Canadian sports doctor admits bringing drugs into US [AP]

Better lives for Mexicans cut allure of going north [NY Times]


High dollar sinking cross-border trade: CEO []

US House GOP open to closing tax loopholes in debt deal [Washington Post]



US willing to leave 10,000 troops in Iraq past year’s end, officials say [LA Times]

Former NATO head: We’re not doing the job in Libya [Foreign Policy]

NATO says has no confirmation Gaddafi seeking a way out [Reuters]

NATO cargo plane crashes, 9 killed [Washington Post]


US and Russia stir up tensions over the Arctic [The Guardian]

Russia to submit Arctic claim to UN next year [Reuters]


Oil sands monitoring needs scientific rigour: panel [CBC]

Experts call for agency to monitor oil sands [Calgary Herald]

How long with oil sands producers be disconnected from world prices? [Globe and Mail]

Exxon spill doesn’t tar Montana governor’s oil sands pipeline support [The Hill]

Yellowstone oil spill proves rules need to be tougher [Great Falls Tribune]

Exxon spill another red flag []

Sask growth second highest in 2011-12 driven by oil sands [Leader-Post]

Oil sands executives say activity upswing different this time around [CP]

Frequency of oil spills suggests deep-seated problems [The Mark]

Obama approval of oil sands pipeline would doom global climate fight []

Natives decry first pipeline to Canada’s Pacific coast [AFP]

Local view: The solution to Keystone pipeline’s tar sands goo [Lincoln Journal Star - Nebraska]



LINKS June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011


Lakes Summit – the economic perspective [The Windsor Star]

Sen. Schumer asks CBSA to review boater fine []

Rep. Owens writes to Canadian Embassy concerning boater []

Sen. Runciman aghast at CBSA’s treatment of US fisherman [The Recorder & Times]

NY congressman protests Canada’s boating policy [Albuquerque Express]

Upstate NY congressman protests Canada policy on boaters [AP]

RCMP to probe $50m legacy fund, border fund [Toronto Star]


Western premiers call for stronger trade relations with US, Asia [QMI]

Gov. Rick Scott says Canadians love Florida beaches and houses. True? [PolitiFact]

Express comes to Canada [QMI]

Arizona, Montreal aerospace clusters ink collaborative deal [Phoenix Business Journal]

Let Canadian telecoms ‘unleash creativity’: Bell [Financial Post]

RBC’s big southern withdrawal [Globe and Mail]

Why Obama’s FATCA law is a threat to business growth [Forbes]


Obama to announce Afghan surge pullout [NY Times]

Afghans worry US will fail them again [Postmedia News]

Kerry and McCain introduce Libya resolution [NY Times]

Hoyer: Defunding Libya undermines NATO [Politico]

Pressure mounts on NATO as drone helicopter goes missing in Libya [VOA]

NATO reviewing civilian casualties in Libya strike [NY Times]

Civilian deaths raise doubts about future of Libya mission [Globe and Mail]


New study reduces threat level for caribou in Alberta’s oil sands country []

Caribou in oil sands region doomed: study [CP]

How do renewables and oil sands affect energy security? []

Alta. PC leadership candidate jabs Ottawa over oil sands [CTV]

Imperial may not use Idaho permits [Calgary Herald]

Wide load coming through []

Idaho issues permits for chopped down megaloads []

Norwegian Statoil eyes Alberta oil sands investment: CEO []

Province wise to take role in carbon capture technology [Edmonton Journal]

Western premiers back increased infrastructure to spur Asian trade [Vancouver Sun]


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