LINKS June 19, 2012


Vic Toews backs off snooping plan for airports and border [CP]

Canadian border agency forced to stop controversial plan [Daily Mail - UK]

Canada will spy on people, politely [The Atlantic]

Ottawa moving forward on Wndsor-Detroit Crossing [CBC]

Bridge to Canada deal can’t be undone, Michigan governor says [Detroit Free Press]

HR 1505: Latest tribal border war [Indian Country Today Media Network]


Canada to join Trans-Pacific trade talks [Reuters]

Secret documents show aggressive Canadian campaign to join TPP [Postmedia News]

Joining TPP a major win for Canadian industry [CME]

TPP: 2nd Tier status for Canada? []

Harper’s chief of staff takes lead on TPP talks, irking some cabinet members [Globe and Mail]


Syria-bound Russian ship is turned back [NY Times]

US, Israel created ‘Flame’ computer virus against Iran [Washington Post]

Political instability rises as Pakistani court ousts premier [NY Times]


Groups in Vermont and Maine oppose Enbridge oil sands pipeline proposal [AP]

Energy company’s plan to move tar sands oil through Maine draws opposition [New England Sun Journal]

Alberta looking at ways to expand natural gas use in transportation [Calgary Herald]

Rio earth talks: Canada blamed for weakness on oceans [CP]



LINKS June 8, 2012


Trafficking rink busted smuggling kids over border [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

Unclog border, auto exec urges [Windsor Star]

More support for second bridge to Canada [WWJ - Detroit]

Schumer: Keep Buffalo consulate open part-time [WGRZ - Buffalo]

Why Canadians head south to fly [The Economist]

Our silly border [National Post]


US agency told that Canada is diverting minimal cargo from US ports [CP]

Canadian exporters expanding to foreign markets [CP]

Canada’s job market slows down after two strong months [CP]

US income and wealth lag [NY Times]


NATO apologizes for Afghan deaths in airstrike [AP]

Panetta visits Afghanistan amid mounting violence [NY Times]

No progress with Iran, say inspectors [NY Times]


Nebraska governor speaks out on Keystone XL []

Will EPA concern over water crossings go unanswered? [InsideClimate News]

Boehner hints at 6 month highway bill [AP]

A year on, no decision on who pays for oil sands monitoring [Postmedia News]

Kochs seek buyers for Canadian oil sands assets [Reuters]

WAR OF 1812

War of 1812 explodes on TV [Postmedia News]


Obama admin rejects Nov. 1 Keystone XL deadline: “Unnecessary”

July 25, 2011

Here is the official statement from the administration on the House bill that would require State to decide on the pipeline permit by Nov. 1. The State Dept. has said it will make a decision by Dec. 31:


H.R. 1938 – North American-Made Energy Security Act

(Rep. Terry, R-NE, and 36 cosponsors)


The Administration opposes H.R. 1938, which would:  (1) require a determination on a Presidential Permit for theKeystone XL crude oil pipeline by November 1, 2011; and (2) limit the discretion of the Department of State in its historic, delegated role as specified in Executive Order 13337, issued by President George W. Bush, to oversee the issuance of permits for such border crossing facilities.


The bill is unnecessary because the Department of State has been working diligently to complete the permit decision process for the Keystone XL pipeline and has publicly committed to reaching a decision before December 31, 2011.  Further, the bill conflicts with long-standing Executive branch procedures regarding the authority of the President and the Secretary of State, and could prevent the thorough consideration of complex issues which could have serious security, safety, environmental, and other ramifications.


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