LINKS Dec. 19, 2011


The case for a Canada-US land swap [Maclean's]

Obama gets one border’s security right [Washington Examiner]

Candidates should talk about the border [Grand Forks Herald]

The end of Canada as a sovereign nation? []

Man awaits border crossing with deceased wife [Wenatchee World]


Canadian economy vulnerable [CP]

Slowing economy tightens health squeeze [Vancouver Sun]

Blame Canada! The right-wing menace to our north [New Republic]


Last convoy of US troops leaves Iraq [NY Times]

Arrest order for Sunni leader opens new rift in Iraq [NY Times]

Death of Kim Jong-Il dims hopes for US talks [Washington Post]

New weight on US-South Korea relations [NY Times]


Keystone cave? No, Keystone kabuki []

GOP could accidentally delay Keystone pipeline [Washington Post]

The tragedy of Keystone XL [Slate]

Keystone climbdown leaves Obama supporters scratching their heads [The Hill]

How an oil sands project became key to environmentalism [Time]

Senate, House on collision course over payroll tax cut [Washington Post]

Congress plays pipeline poker [Globe and Mail]

What’s ahead for Keystone? [CP]

Harper’s inconvenient truth []

Rush Limbaugh on Keystone []



LINKS Dec. 14, 2011


Napolitano’s DHS comes around on pre-clearance []

Pre-clearance will be major hurdle in perimeter [Embassy mag]

Plant-inspection pilot bodes well for US-Canada poultry trade []

Ottawa girds for legal battle over new Detroit-Windsor bridge [Globe and Mail]

Bridge deal may lie in Michigan governor’s hands [Washington Times]

The business case for second Detroit bridge []

Beyond the Border agreement overlooks trucking issues [Land Line]

The future of drones in America [Forbes]

Losing track of people is no way to keep a country safe [Calgary Herald]

October border traffic into Whatcom up 20% [Bellingham Herald]

On the border with a frightened giant [Toronto Star]

Obama-Harper team works [Sun Media]

Border deal will help Canada [The Record]

Border deal is not an instant solution [Leader-Post]

Crowley: It isn’t about trade [National Post]


US, Canada partner on food safety modernization [Packaging Digest]


Concern grows over adoption of American nurse exam [Canada NewsWire]

Canadian household debt swells to record high [Reuters]

Canada, Japan mull economic partnership [Dow Jones]

Fed takes no action citing signs of moderate growth [NY Times]


US shift may push Afghans into lead role [NY Times]

US leaving Iraqi comrades-at-arms in limbo [NY Times]

Iran rejects US request for return of drone [NY Times]


Keystone jobs claims: a bipartisan fumble [Washington Post]

McCaskill: payroll tax cut dead, not Keystone [Politico]

State Dept. says GOP bill could kill pipeline [AP]

Congress debates payroll tax cut, pipeline [Washington Post]

Dems in favor of Keystone pipeline reject payroll tax bill [The Hill]

Payroll tax fight heads to Senate [Politico]

Obama’s Keystone cop-out [Washington Times]

OPEC maintains production target [Reuters]

Keystone Claptrap [NY Times]



LINKS Nov. 1, 2011

November 1, 2011


DHS drones to fly over US-Canada border []


Obama to talk European debt crisis at G20 [Washington Post]

A slow-growth America can’t lead the world [Wall Street Journal]

Romer: Time for a Volcker moment [NY Times]


NATO nations were braced for quagmire in Libya: briefing notes [Postmedia News]

Afghan training mission not without risks to Canadians [Postmedia News]

US revises its strategy for ending the Afghan war [Washington Post]

Dual US-Libyan citizen chosen as new PM of Libya [Washington Post]

Libya struggles to create army out of militias [Washington Post]


Carney distances Obama from looming pipeline decision [The Hill]

Obama to make Hillary take Keystone hit [Canada Free Press]

Pipeline decision could impact Calgary, Canada’s “hot growth mecca”  [Calgary Herald]

Pressure builds in Nebraska over pipeline [CTV]

Nebraska lawmakers start battle to reroute pipeline [Bloomberg]

Rural utility sees pipeline as benefit [Omaha World-Herald]

Pipeline session is new territory [Omaha World-Herald]

Count economic multiplier effects when looking at Keystone pipeline [Troy Media]

Congressman Shimkus touts Canadian oil sands [The Telegraph - Alton, Illinois]

Will other states follow Nebraska in fighting pipeline? []

Pipeline session has many possible outcomes [NTV - Nebraska]

Shell Americas president expects Keystone XL approval [Reuters]

TransCanada profit rises 11% [CP]

Keystone delay not fatal, but rejection could send oil to China: Canada [Reuters]

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