LINKS Dec. 14, 2011


Napolitano’s DHS comes around on pre-clearance []

Pre-clearance will be major hurdle in perimeter [Embassy mag]

Plant-inspection pilot bodes well for US-Canada poultry trade []

Ottawa girds for legal battle over new Detroit-Windsor bridge [Globe and Mail]

Bridge deal may lie in Michigan governor’s hands [Washington Times]

The business case for second Detroit bridge []

Beyond the Border agreement overlooks trucking issues [Land Line]

The future of drones in America [Forbes]

Losing track of people is no way to keep a country safe [Calgary Herald]

October border traffic into Whatcom up 20% [Bellingham Herald]

On the border with a frightened giant [Toronto Star]

Obama-Harper team works [Sun Media]

Border deal will help Canada [The Record]

Border deal is not an instant solution [Leader-Post]

Crowley: It isn’t about trade [National Post]


US, Canada partner on food safety modernization [Packaging Digest]


Concern grows over adoption of American nurse exam [Canada NewsWire]

Canadian household debt swells to record high [Reuters]

Canada, Japan mull economic partnership [Dow Jones]

Fed takes no action citing signs of moderate growth [NY Times]


US shift may push Afghans into lead role [NY Times]

US leaving Iraqi comrades-at-arms in limbo [NY Times]

Iran rejects US request for return of drone [NY Times]


Keystone jobs claims: a bipartisan fumble [Washington Post]

McCaskill: payroll tax cut dead, not Keystone [Politico]

State Dept. says GOP bill could kill pipeline [AP]

Congress debates payroll tax cut, pipeline [Washington Post]

Dems in favor of Keystone pipeline reject payroll tax bill [The Hill]

Payroll tax fight heads to Senate [Politico]

Obama’s Keystone cop-out [Washington Times]

OPEC maintains production target [Reuters]

Keystone Claptrap [NY Times]



LINKS Dec. 9, 2011


Border deal vital to economy: Harper [Postmedia News]

Manley: Border deal benefits US and Canada [Daily Caller]

Halifax Gateway will benefit from border deal [Canadian Transportation and Logistics]

Border will boost Ohio manufacturing and exports [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

A game changer? Hardly [Globe and Mail]


Canada-US close to extending softwood lumber agreement [CP]

US trade deficit narrows as imports fall [AP]

House GOP formally unveils payroll tax package [Washington Post]

Canada imposes new 14% duty on US bedding [PRNewswire]


US Army slashing 8,700 jobs as cuts begin [Washington Post]

Pakistan boosts air defenses at Afghan border [Washington Post]

A wartime leader ends a war he never wanted [NY Times]


Keystone now major sticking point on payroll tax deal [Politico]

Some Dems support linking Keystone to payroll tax cut [Politico]

Obama might back off Keystone veto threat: lawmaker [AFP]

House leadership plays politics with Keystone []

An inevitable Keystone pipeline [Wall Street Journal]

Keystone XL pipeline overshadows border deal [Reuters]

EPA links tainted water in Wyoming to fracking [NY Times]


Canadian reindeer receive rescue help from US government [Postmedia News]



LINKS Nov. 22, 2011

November 22, 2011


Visitor, immigration system must be tightened: AG [CTV]

AG finds ‘disturbing’ cracks in Canada’s visa system [Postmedia News]

Border agents discover cocaine hidden in books [Calgary Herald]

Tips for crossing the border over US Thanksgiving []

Expect border delays [Watertown Daily News]


Sands:  Sequestering US-Canadian relations [Huffington Post]

Canadian economy also victim of US Supercommittee [CP]

Impacts of supercommittee failure [NY Times]

Black Friday: How retailers plan to keep you here []

US growth revised down to 2 percent [Reuters]

Klein: Dems moved right, Republicans moved righter [Washington Post]


Egypt military pledges faster handover to civilian rule [NY Times]

Turkish leader calls on Assad to resign in Syria [NY Times]

Hague prosecutor opens door to trial of Gadhafi son [NY Times]


Jacobs says clients unfazed by Keystone XL delay [Reuters]

Sustainable oil sands may be only a pipe dream [Montreal Gazette]

US energy policy: a slow national suicide [Baltimore Sun]

Oil sands provoke anxiety  [Bloomberg Markets Magazine]




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