LINKS Feb. 18, 2011

Updated 9:26 am EST


Congressmen urge ‘freight fee’ on Canadian imports to pay for US roads [Postmedia News]

Saskatchewan sees no lack of suitors [Financial Post]


Travel fees: Obama’s regressive idea [Windsor Star]

US entry fees on Canadians creates uproar [Economic Times]

Obama proposes fee for Canadian visitors in draft US budget [Fairport-East Rochester Post, NY]

Close to 200 people show up for Border Patrol meeting [Blaine, Washington]

Flight fee “ruffles feathers” north of the border [CP]

BC tourism minister weighs in on fee proposal [CKNW Victoria]

Canadians face new US border fee [Toronto Star]

Harper slams US travel fee, say not conducive to economic recovery [Postmedia News]

PM frowns on proposed US travel fee [Globe and Mail]


Pipeline opponents take fight to Austin [KYTX - Texas]

Labor, industry oppose bill aimed at mega-loads [Great Falls Tribune - Montana]

Tar sands apologists admit not reading pipeline safety report before slamming it []

Pipeline Safety Trust reports on transport risks of oils sands crude [Oil & Gas Journal]

The viability of Keystone XL [The energy collective]

LINKS Feb. 15, 2011

February 15, 2011
By Luiza Ch. Savage

Updated 4:32 pm EST


Sask. mayor is best Facebook Scrabble player in North America [CBC]


Holes in border not acceptable, hearing told [CP]

US deserves ‘total control’ over border, hearing told [CP]

Michigan congresswoman to chair border hearing [AP]

Terrorist security risk at northern border [KFYR TV - Bismarck, ND]

Denied entry into the US? Don’t panic [Globe and Mail]

US-Canada notables headline WWU border issues conference [Bellingham Herald]

Crowley: Mistaken beliefs hamper stronger Canada-US relationship [Montreal Gazette]

Border and shared culture link Maine and New Brunswick [Maine Public Broadcasting Network]

Maine, New Brunswick face border security issues [Maine Public Broadcasting Network]

Our northern border: chasing smugglers on the ice [420 Times]


Levant: Environmental Defense opens up the war chest to fight Canada’s enviro minister [Calgary Sun]

Lobby for study instead [Edmonton Journal]

Letter: Nothing misleading about oil sands film [Edmonton Journal]

Is the ‘Asian threat’ for tar sands an empty one? [Michigan Messanger]

Some megaloads downsized for interstate [Missoulian]

Idaho says Exxon can send ‘test’ megaload over US 12 to Canada [Missoulian]

Idaho gives ExxonMobil permit for test shipment of mining equipment [KPAX - Missoula, Montana]

ITD issues permit to Exxon to transport ‘test’ megaload [Boise Weekly]

Midwest enjoying lower gas prices thanks to Canadian tar sands oil []

House reps push for pipeline [Jacksonville Daily Progress]


Nature conservancy to reimburse mining companies for North Fork protection [Flathead Beacon]

North Fork Flathead will be protected from all future gold, coal mining [Missoulian]

$9.4 million deal struck to pay off mining companies in US-Canada land protection agreement [AP]

Conservation groups to put up millions to fund North Fork agreement [KAJ18]

Climenhaga: Advice to Gary Mar: Fish or Cut Bait []

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