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Congressmen urge ‘freight fee’ on Canadian imports to pay for US roads [Postmedia News]

Saskatchewan sees no lack of suitors [Financial Post]


Travel fees: Obama’s regressive idea [Windsor Star]

US entry fees on Canadians creates uproar [Economic Times]

Obama proposes fee for Canadian visitors in draft US budget [Fairport-East Rochester Post, NY]

Close to 200 people show up for Border Patrol meeting [Blaine, Washington]

Flight fee “ruffles feathers” north of the border [CP]

BC tourism minister weighs in on fee proposal [CKNW Victoria]

Canadians face new US border fee [Toronto Star]

Harper slams US travel fee, say not conducive to economic recovery [Postmedia News]

PM frowns on proposed US travel fee [Globe and Mail]


State Dept. reverses FOIA refusal on Keystone XL [Michigan Messenger]

Pipeline safety, corrosion issues take spotlight in Keystone XL debate [Reuters]

Pipeline opponents take fight to Austin [KYTX - Texas]

Labor, industry oppose bill aimed at mega-loads [Great Falls Tribune - Montana]

Tar sands apologists admit not reading pipeline safety report before slamming it []

Pipeline Safety Trust reports on transport risks of oils sands crude [Oil & Gas Journal]

The viability of Keystone XL [The energy collective]


Boston Globe mentions []

Parisella: High-Speed Rail still on track, despite fiscal blowback

February 17, 2011
By Luiza Ch. Savage

There has been a lot of blow-back to President Obama’s call for $54 billion spending on high-speed rail — on the grounds that the country can’t afford it. Quebec’s representative in the US, John Parisella, has been advocating for a high-speed rail link to Canada and following the issue closely. He argues in his blog that despite some Republican governors saying they will not take the money, the high-speed rail vision has not been derailed. Parisella writes:

Monies refused elsewhere will be in all likelihood channelled to areas that want HSR. California and the North East seem to be the most promising projects at the moment.


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