LINKS May 4, 2011


Canadian election results [CBC]

Conservative majority leaves Harper ‘humbled’, Liberals and Bloc stunned [Postmedia News]

Harper says he won’t move Canada hard to the right after winning coveted majority in election [AP]

Canadian Liberal leader Ignatieff quits after election [BBC]

Public servants fear layoffs amid Tory majority [CBC]

Harper faces cabinet gaps [CBC]

Obama congratulates PM on election, PM congratulates Obama on Bin Laden [CP]

Canada’s Tory majority gives PM Harper economic-policy flexibility [Wall Street Journal]

Amid Bin Laden news, Canada’s election gets even less attention than usual [CP]

The Canadian election: does it matter to us? [Salon]


Next up: Rush for perimeter security, regulatory harmonization []

Reynolds: Government can now move on eradicating trade barriers [Globe and Mail]

$4 million grant to boost communications along Maine border [Bangor Daily News]

$4 million to go for border security [Detroit Free Press]

Vermont border station may not close after all [AP]

Security at Canada-US border remains normal following death of Bin Laden [Niagara Gazette]

Border tie-ups add $800 to sticker price: report [Today's Trucking]


Canada still in copyright ‘hall of shame’ according to US []


US Commerce department official announces $1.3 billion in commercial signings for US aerospace companies with Canadian firms [PR Newswire]

Trade between US and NAFTA partners swells in February []


Bin Laden’s death should speed return of Canada’s troops: Layton [Postmedia News]

War against terror still far from over [Postmedia News]

A national security strategy that doesn’t focus on threats [NY Times]

Italy to seek end date for NATO mission in Libya [AP]

Afghan private security guard killed in friendly fire by NATO air strike [Daily Mail]



Their man has majority, now the oil patch wants elbow room [Globe and Mail]

Letter: Carbon capture is feasible [Toronto Star]

Majority win energizes energy sector [Financial Post]

Alberta premier pleased with election results [Edmonton Sun]

Imperial Oil grapples with moving huge Kearl oil sands modules [Daily Commerical News]

What the Canadian election could mean for the Alberta oil sands []

Canadian oil: major impact is possible [Florida Times Union]

Keystone XL comments meeting set for Friday [Daily Tribune - Mount Pleasant, Texas]


LINKS May 2, 2011


Business group proposals for regulatory harmonization, perimeter security []

Ambassador Bridge owners say rival plan is a money loser [Detroit Free Press]

Lawmakers for sale and Matty Maroun is buying too many too easily [Marion Star]


Illegal aliens live first in US then try to get status in Canada: WikiLeaks [CP]

Ottawa wants controversial border post put on US soil: cable [APTN]

US considers “Native Canadian groups” possible terror threats: cable [APTN]


Carbon cap a possibility in Canadian election [NY Times]

Should US expect shocking result in Canadian election? [Washington Examiner]


Canada-Michigan solid waste synergy []

Target, Fairweather in court over trademark dispute [Money]


Canadian troops welcome bin Laden’s death – then get back to work [Postmedia News]

Harper warns Bin Laden’s death not end of international terrorism [CP]

White House briefing on how Bin Laden was caught and killed []

Obama speech on Bin Laden []

Obama speech to the White House Correspondents’ dinner []


Canada faces fight over oil sands [BBC]

Canada v. Venezuela [Petroleum World]

Build this pipeline [The Messenger - Fort Dodge, Iowa]

Climate change: Ottawa’s plan to bury the problem [Toronto Star]

Pipeline an oil sands emblem [Calgary Herald]


LINKS April 29, 2011

April 29, 2011
By Luiza Ch. Savage


US border deal at risk without majority: Harper [CBC]

WikiLeaks latest diplomatic cables outline border threats [CP]

Ferry service with Maine an election issue in Canada [Bangor Daily News]


Gary Doer to attend space shuttle launch [Politico]

Parties, Laureen Harper focus on diplomatic cables [CBC]

Laureen Harper characterized as political asset in WikiLeaks dump [CP]

US ambassador said Liberals lack ‘energy and hands-on leadership’ [Postmedia News]

US ambassador questions Ignatieff’s leadership, WikiLeaks cables reveal [Globe and Mail]

Negative media coverage of oil sands top of mind for Harper government: cables [Embassy mag]


Harper vows to eye Canada-US price differential as he plays up border issues [CP]

Copyright source of ‘great frustration’ for US: cables [Embassy mag]

Canadian economy unexpectedly shrinks in February [Globe and Mail]

Five reasons Canada’s GDP unexpectedly shrank (incl. trade, weak US economy) [Financial Post]

US Commerce official to lead aerospace trade mission to Canada [PR Newswire]


Libyan forces chase rebels into Tunisia [AP]

NATO halts Libyan forces from mining port in Misurata [Washington Post]

To lead Afghan war, Obama choses Marine known for swaying Sunnis in Iraq [NY Times]

Move to CIA puts Petraeus in conflict with Pakistan [NY Times]

NATO warns of fresh Taliban attacks [AP]


New report slams TransCanada on ethics, safety [Michigan Messenger]

Carbon policy must not punish Alberta [Edmonton Journal]

Jobs, environment seek common ground in pipeline country [Edmonton Journal]

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