LINKS April 5, 2011


Congress wants answers on holes in border security []

Search for missing couple for BC turns to Oregon [CP]

Ready Lane to reduce wait times at the border [KVOA - Tucson]

Canadian to undergo psych test after bus bomb threat [Postmedia News]

Canada-US deep integration continues unabated []

Canadian officials ‘secretive’ on North American perimeter security agreement []


Gary Doer’s startling embrace of the oil sands [Tyee]


Government wavers on watering down “Product of Canada” rules [Postmedia News]

Canadian business and culture coming to Hibbing [Northlands Newscenter - Minnesota]

North Dakota says thanks to visitors [Bismarck Tribune]


Washington State applies for Florida’s high-speed rail funding []


Under heavy assault, Libyan rebels flee Brega [NY Times]

US to withdraw strike jets from Libya mission [AP]

Libyan rebels complain of deadly delays under NATO command [NY Times]

In a reversal, military trials for 9/11 suspects [NY Times]

Canada: The peacekeeping nation? []

Liberals would fund 4 years university for veterans [CBC]

US senators debate Libya resolution [Politico]

Geithner: military pay jeopardized [Politico]

Petraeus being considered for CIA [Politico]


Canada must diversity oil markets, US not dependent on Canada for crude: Enbridge [Calgary Herald]

Landowners express concern over Keystone pipeline [Michigan Messanger]

Duke conference explores US-Canada energy relationship []

Foster: All the hysteria that’s fit to print [Financial Post]

TransCanada says NYT attack on pipeline unfair [Reuters]

Debate over Keystone pipeline heats up south of the border [CP]

Imperial Oil’s oversize load won’t hit the road tonight [Lewiston Tribune - Idaho]

Clean energy could become sleeper issue of campaign [Postmedia News]

Oil sands resentment paves campaign trail [Calgary Herald]


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LINKS April 4, 2011


Border officials violated rules in forwarding photos [CP]

International search is on for missing Canadian couple [Spokesman-Review - WA]

Border guards to scan air, waterways, and shore [CTV]

US and Canadian officials celebrate longer hours at the Wild Horse Port [KFBB- Montana]


Canadians decry Wisconsin anti-union labor law []


War in Libya used to defend need for better fighters [Ottawa Citizen]

Canadians protected amid Qu-ran protests: Cannon [CBC]


First-ever US Arctic investment summit []


Stalking the savvy shopper [The Province - Vancouver]

Bills trying to raise their profile in Toronto [Globe and Mail]


No to a new tar sands pipeline [NY Times]

US media divided on proposed Keystone XL pipeline [Postmedia News]

Exxon test mega-load will roll Monday [Boise Weekly - Idaho]

Big rig opponents: Exxon comments validate fight [The Missoulian - Montana]

Environmentalists sue over mega-loads [The Independent Record - Helena, Montana]

Lawsuit tries to stop oil sands equipment from moving through Montana [Calgary Herald]

Liberal energy plan smacks of Trudeau: economist [Calgary Sun]

Leach: Liberals’ significant climate plan cloaked in silence [Globe and Mail]

Politicians need to see this: oil sands workers [Edmonton Journal]


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LINKS March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011
By Luiza Ch. Savage


Public consultations to begin on proposed Cnaada-US border deal [Posmedia News]

Better border vital to business, ministers says [QMI]

Canadians asked for plan to improve border with US [CTV News]

Canadians asked to weigh in on border security [Toronto Sun]

Stranded in the US… While trying to get into the US [Grand Forks Herald]

Live carp smuggled into Canada [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Big changes in store for two border crossings [Leader Post]

Schumer fights for border radar to combat drug smuggling [WCAX - NY]

A new border security program in place – fighting drugs from the north [Daily News Pulse]


Gary Mar has two new advantages as he prepares to enter Alberta Conservative leadership races []

State Department spokesman quits after criticizing WikiLeaks suspect’s treatment [Washington Post]

Clinton leaves for revolution tour focused on Libya, Egypt, Tunisia [Radio Free Europe]

Clinton urges reform in post-revolt Egypt, Tunisia [AP]

Slaughter: Fiddling while Libya burns [NY Times]

Arab League asks UN for no-fly zone over Libya [Washington Post]

UK and US hail Arab League call for no-fly zone over Libya [Irish Times]

Canada Center opens [AP]

Ivison: Stockwell Day deserves to be remembered [National Post]

Will Wisconsin’s chill on labour move north? [Globe and Mail]



Insights gained on cross-border visits [Buffalo News]

Company threatens to leave Canada over immigration headache [Toronto Sun]

Can-Am Days begin today [Myrtle Beach News]

‘Perfect storm’ for buying US real estates: realtor [Financial Post]

Erie gets a big boost from Up North []



Crude matters to Hollywood: James Cameron backs anti-oil sands documentary [Variety]

Work on Keystone XL oil pipeline infrastructure delayed [AP]

Pipeline power line delayed [Columbus Telegram]

Letter: Support Keystone XL pipeline [Lincoln Journal Star - Nebraska]

If gas prices go up further, blame Canada [Star Tribune]

US nuclear industry faces new uncertainty [NY Times]

Letter: find alternatives to the oil sands [Victoria Times Colonist]

Letter: Canadian oil means jobs, energy security for US []

Alberta appoints panel for carbon capture review [Calgary Herald]

How oil makes Canada four (or five) different countries [Toronto Star]

CAPP supports robust monitoring in oil sands region [CNW]



Canadian Afghan legacy unclear [QMI]

NATO ministers approve six Afghan regions for handover to Afghan []



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